Women in Agribusiness in Sub-Saharan Africa Alliance

Our Purpose
To empower and influence African Women and Youth entrepreneurs to do more agricultural trade.
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Our Vision
An Online Virtual Community of buyers and sellers well trained and equipped to access markets and do business.
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Our Community Consists of
Large and Small Traders, Small and Medium Enterprises, Individual Farmers, Smallholder Farmers groups and cooperatives, Development Partners and Governments interested in Agricultural Trade
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Our Product Offering
Access to Markets; Buyer & Seller Linkages; Women and Youth Mentorship programs; Business Development Opportunities
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Our story

The story of WASAA started on 28th January 2010, in Moputo Mozambique, when two African women traders found in the middle of a room full of technocrats discussing Africa’s Regional Trade.

At the end of the meeting, Grace Mijiga Mhango and Fostina Mani sat down to discuss how the majority of Africa’s Cross Border Informal Traders were Women, and yet despite their hard work and financial investment in the Africa’s trade, they were the unrepresented and unheard voice.

Even, as women in that room, the two were unable to get our voices and opinions heard.  At that point the two ladies decided to do something about it, and that is how Women in Agribusiness in Sub-Saharan Africa Alliance was formed. 

Grace went ahead and recruited more women from an additional 9 African countries, while Fostina handled in Kenya. Today WASAA has chapters in 10 countries.

“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers”