120px-Flag_of_Malawi.svgWASAA Country Chapter

WASAA Malawi Vision:  To bring growth to women and youth owned business by helping them graduate from micro to medium scale and large scale enterprises.malawi-political-map

WASAA Malawi Mission: To serve as an institutional vehicle that will spearhead economic independence and widen opportunities first and foremost among women and youth in agribusiness and in agriculture as a whole.

Key Objectives:

– To facilitate women empowerment; enhance organizational capacity among members in country chapters and increase their capacity to participate in trade through the creation of joint ventures nationally and regionally;

– To facilitate access to information, credit and structured trade facilities, insurance cover, transportation, storage, refrigeration, transformation;

– Facilitate the emergence of building blocks for warehouse receipt systems, bulking centers and collateral financing;

– Facilitate job creation opportunities for women and youth through agribusiness activities focusing on production and processing (value addition) and marketing based on African staples and legumes which include maize, beans, bananas, cassava, rice and other important food crops such as soya, sugar, beans, pigeon peas, cowpeas, and sesame;

– Facilitate trading opportunities with the region and amongst the network members through establishing regional trade information hubs; this will empower women to engage in regional trade which in the past they have shied away from because of large volumes and fear of monopoly by large international traders and to strengthen coordination among WASAA members.

Jean Mathanga, WASAA Malawi President, P. O. Box 395, Lilongwe, MALAWI,
Grace Mijigo Mhango, WASAA Regional Chair, P. O. Box 395 , Lilongwe, MALAWI,,