WASAA Country Chapter

WASAA Kenya’s Vision:  Africa will become Food Secure and Africa will Feed the World.Kenya_map Our vision is derived from the story of Joseph in Genesis 41:57 “So all the countries came to Joseph in Egypt to buy grain, because the famine was severe in all lands”.

WASAA Kenya Mission: To create wealth for the woman and her household, with a special emphasis on business and job creation for youth, who are not only at the very core of everything a woman does, but without a doubt the apple of her eye.

Key Objectives: Women empowerment, through organized women membership and training; Enhancing women capacity to participate in business and trade through facilitation of national and regional joint ventures; Facilitate access to trade investment and infrastructure such as credit and structured trade facilities, enhancing the use of mobile technologies and ICT in increasing access to markets and linkages, Coordinate establishment of building blocks for the Warehouse Receipt System, Bulking Centers, and Collateral Financing; Employment and business opportunities for women through agribusiness activities, focusing on production, processing (value addition), and market intelligence; Marketing and Commodity trade; Strengthening the WASAA online network community.,
Fostina Mani, WASAA Kenya President, or