WASAA Regional Office

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WASAA Regional Chair Message

Grace3It is a timely, as the need to focus on women farmers’ productivity, which is an effective engine for social change, has finally become increasingly clear in sub-Sahara Africa as women contribute between 60 and 80 percent of the labour for food production, both for household consumption and for sale.

WASAA is a nonprofit organization which was established in May 2010. The key driver behind the formation of this entity was the need to have an officially recognized vehicle to spearhead economic independence for women. This was in order to create an environment for African Women to network, as well as change their circumstances, be head and be visible. Our organization WASAA is committed in unlocking and widening opportunities available for women farmers in all areas of agribusiness, above and beyond the production sector.

As we move forward, WASAA is championing the slogan “2014 the year of Agriculture in Africa”. An understanding of the importance of women farmers’ role in agriculture as well as the constraints they face is a prerequisite to devising policies to improve productivity and socio-economic development. The Africa union pronouncement onwomen is therefore worthwhile.

The year 2013 has been a successful year for WASAA as we have seen it taking off to greater heights. The Regional Office is working to harmonise all the WASAA country chapter offices and take them off the ground in making sure that women voices are heard globally “FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION AND SHOULD NOT BE AN OPTION!”

Grace Mijigo Mhango, WASAA Regional Chair, P. O. Box 395 , Lilongwe, MALAWI, gracemijigo@yahoo.co.uk,

WASAA Regional Office Staff

Head of Programmes;- Ms. Lily C Musaya

Head of Finance & Administrtion:- Mr. Ezekiel Makalani

Operations and Logistic Assistance:- Madalitso Chikopa

Finance & Office Assistance:- Brian Kaching’ona

WASAA Regional Office Suite 15,Ground Floor, Anamwino House, P.O.Box 395, Lilongwe, MALAWI Mob:+265994865645, Fax:+2651773563