FlagofMozambique.svg WASAA Country Chapter


WASAA Mozambique Vision:  To promote Women’s participation in Agribusiness and achieve Economic Empowerment and Prowess by 2020.Mozambique

WASAA Mozambique Mission: To be an Efficient Vehicle for spearheading Economic Independence among Women in Sub-Sahara Africa widening the opportunities available to women in all areas of Agribusiness.

Key Objectives: Women Empowerment, through organized Women Membership; Enhancing women capacity to participate in business and trade through facilitation of National and Regional joint ventures; Facilitate access to trade investment and Infrastructure such as Credit and Structured Trade Facilities, Regional Insurance Cover, Transportation, Storage & Refrigeration, and other relevant Trade Information; Coordinate establishment of building blocks for the Warehouse Receipt System, Bulking Centres, and Collateral Financing; Employment opportunities for women through Agribusiness activities, focusing on production, processing (value addition), and market intelligence; Marketing of staples and legumes including maize, beans, bananas, cassava, rice, groundnuts, soya, sugar beans, pigeon peas, cowpeas and sesame; Advocacy and policy change, in the supply chain of Agricultural Commodities by women in the WASAA Member Countries.,
Sheila Bule,WASAA Mozambique President, Rua do Bagamolo Maputo – Matola, Mozambique,