Mozambique Advisors

SheilaSheila Bule, WASAA Mozambique PresidentFlag_of_Mozambique.svg

Sheila is a  lawyer by profession.  She is the WASAA Mozambique President responsible for selection and the chairing of the  Advisory Board, as well as the staffing of WASAA Secretariat.



Joel Cossa PhotoJoel Cossa WASAA Advisor

Joel is a senior agribusiness and value chain specialist, with over 15 years of business and community development experience, worker for the major NGO in Mozambique namely World Vision, Technoserve Inc. and ICRISAT.  Founded the first Mozambican private extension company for service provision for clients like the Government and the private sector.  Engaged on a forward integration strategy for the cashew nuts value chain and other Mozambican Competitive agriculture products in the South African Market.  Currently is managing DC Lda a private agriculture extension and international trade company.  Joel is an MBA student, holds a Post Graduate diploma in Supply Chain Management (former FIMM) from the university of London, and a Commercial Agriculture Diploma from Zimbabwe.