Flag_of_Kenya.svgWASAA Kenya’s approach to development is wealth creation by utilizing our existing resources in meeting our existing needs, thereby creating wealth for the providers of those resources.  At WASAA Kenya we are constantly asking;-  “What Do I Have in My Hands?”, “How Can it Be Used to Solve Existing Problems?”, and “How Can I Get Paid for Using My Talents & Resources?”.  WASAA Kenya is creating and growing businesses and entrepreneurs as a sustainable approach towards poverty eradication.  WASAA Kenya is about finding a new products, processes, and resource of doing things differently all towards the improvement of our community.

WASAA Adopt A Community Approach

WASAA Champions identify communities they would like to work with.  Ideally we recommend they work with communities, they are familiar with in order to ensure they can identify with the community and are best places to identify products, processes, and resources within the community.  By doing so, WASAA ensures that the projects will be adopted by the community, and the solutions will be coming from the communities.

WASAA has adopted the following community;-

  •   Kamuthaga Village,  Machakos County, KENYA.
  •   Ruiru, Kiambu County, KENYA

Water Harvesting & Sanitation

KChildren fetching waterenya is heavily dependent on rain-feed agriculture.  WASAA fully realizes that the responsibility of water is mostly left to women and children in the rural areas.  Rural women are forced to wake up as early as 4:00am to fetch water, leaving them in danger of rape and attacks from wild animals.  Children also spend hours away from school, as they are expected to assist their mothers in fetching water.  WASAA Kenya has made water harvesting and sanitation as a priority area of focus in help women and children use their time in more valuable matters such as agribusiness and academics.

Women & Youth Group TrainingGroup Training1

WASAA Kenya has facilitating the training of women and youth groups.  While most women and youth groups are not new to micro-finance, a key observation was none of the groups could demonstrate how they used their loans to build their business, neither could any show valuable assets procured from their loans.  WASAA has been training and working with the groups in helping them save towards purchases of valuable assets.

Post- Harvest Solutions

WASAA Kenya has been working in partnership with MashAgrik, on the testing of Hermetic bags for the past six months as part of the CIMMYT SDC funded project.  The test are being conducted in Kenya by KARI.  The comparison test are against the normal farmer bags with and without Acetylic.  The results have been very promising and WASAA Kenya looks forward to the commercialization of the MashAgrik SmartGrain Bags.  The trials are also being conducted in the Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe WASAA County Chapters.


WASAA facilitate access to markets and market linkages by linking suppliers to buyers.  WASAA strongly believes agribusiness is the only sustainable solution towards poverty alleviation in rural communities.  WASAA has been working with local cooperatives, society in institutional capacity building, and facilitate access to markets and market linkages for various agricultural commodities.