WASAA Country Chapter

WASAA Zambia Vision:  To assist women in agribusiness to move from subsistence farming to operating successful agricultural business, and zambia-mapbe the focal point for dialogue with other stakeholders in order to lobby for better policies and practices for its members.

WASAA Zambia Mission: To be address issues of poverty reduction and food security in rural Zambia by directly empowering individual women and youth engaged at various levels of the agricultural value chain through the implementation of agro-related empowerment programs that will create jobs, improve household income and restore the dignity of rural families. .

Key Objectives:

– Facilitate access to loan facilities for inputs and farming equipment,

– Facilitate access to trainings in the areas of Agro-dealership,  seed multiplication, and conservation farming,

–  Enhance women capacity to participate in business and trade through facilitation of national and    regional joint ventures,

– Create employment opportunities for women through Agribusiness activities, focusing on production and processing, through the entire value chain addition, and market intelligence.

– Market staples and legumes including maize, beans, bananas, cassava, rice, groundnuts, soya, sugar beans, pigeon peas, cowpeas and sesame,

– Facilitate advocacy and policy change, in the supply chain of agricultural commodities by women in the WASAA Member Countries.,
Ngoza Chembe, WASAA Zambia President,