WASAA Country Chapter

WASAA Uganda Vision:  To spearhead economic independence among women and youth in Uganda.Uganda Map

WASAA Uganda Mission: To be a vehicle that spearheads economic independence among women and youth in Uganda.  WASAA intends to widen the opportunities available to women in all areas of the agribusiness sector not only the production sector as is the case at present for most women in the sub-region.

Key Objectives:  Facilitate women empowerment, improved, more organized and stronger women membership in Uganda and increased their capacity to participate in trade through creation of joint ventures, national and regionally; Facilitate access to support infrastructure such as information, credit and structured trade facilities, insurance cover, transportation, storage, refrigeration, transformation; Facilitate the emergence of building blocks for the warehouse receipt systems, bulking centers, and collateral financing; Facilitate job creation opportunities for women and youth through agribusiness activities, focusing on production and processing (value addition) and marketing based on staples and legumes which will include Maize, Beans, Bananas, Cassava, and Rice as staples and groundnuts, soya, sugar beans, pigeon peas, cowpeas, and sesame; Facilitate advocacy and policy change e.g. offering priority purchases to WASAA members.
Eva Luwerekera, WASAA Uganda President,