WASAA is an alliance of women across the entire agricultural value chain from the Sub-Saharan Africa countries with a focus on wealth creation and economic independence for women and youth through strong and reliable partnerships network within the agricultural sector

WASAA Advancement Pillars:  WASAA’s mission and vision is founded on the three pillars of Economic, Social and Environmental advancement.

The Economic Advancement Pillar focuses on women and youth entrepreneurship and capacity building training for smallholder farmers, traders, and agro-dealers while aggressively identifying new markets, business opportunities, mentoring and linking women and youth to markets through the WASAA network.

The Social Advancement Pillar emphasis on the importance of community development and service, through community development and service programs.

The Environment Advancement Pillar is a tree planting and tree adoption pillar, where all WASAA members will be required to plant one natural tree and one fruit tree, the event will be conducted concurrently on all WASAA country branches, and must be held at least once a year, however the WASAA Country Office are at liberty to hold the event more than once a year.

info@wasaa.net; regional@wasaa.net,Grace Mijigo Mhango,WASAA Regional Chair, gracemijigo@yahoo.co.uk